PSA(Paid Search Advertising)

Our experienced team includes PPC(SEM) experts who develop targeted ads that will instantly bring you more ready-to-buy traffic.

Targeted search engine & social ads

Keyword research & refinement


Increased traffic & sales almost instantly

Reach ready-to-buy customers

Having your paid search advertising managed efficiently and effectively brings you relevant ready-to-buy traffic at less cost.

PSA(Paid Search Advertising)

The best way to take advantage of the millions of users that use search engines on a daily basis and get targeted traffic to your website is through paid ads.


Method of Work


We analyse your existing account(s) and creating a path to success. We define your campaign in line with your end-goals and constantly analyse our metrics at each juncture, taking action to ensure your results match your goals. 


We research thoroughly to ensure your ads gets the right search queries. We analyse each keywords from the highest-value to your closest competition keywords, helping your campaign gain traction, traffic & leads to your website.


We build your new account or rebuild your existing one. To carry out the strategy that we’ve defined for you. Google appreciates thinking out of the box tactics to fit the results. We ensure that there is a direct connection between a targeted ad & your website, to maximize your sales conversions.


Aapttechie makes budgeting easy. Our PPC service provides transparent reporting which ensures you to know exactly where each amount spent is going and the results they are producing.

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